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The GAC is pleased to present its final report "Supporting the Success of All Gunn High School Students". This report is the result of a rigorous five-month long process of investigation, observation and inquiry, listening carefully to a wide range of community voices, and remaining open to varied possibilities and approaches for improving student support.

GAC also has prepared an "Executive Summary" which features a brief but comprehensive synopsis and highlights the key points of the GAC's final report.

The GAC is a representative body composed of 3 students, 6 parents, 2 counselors, 4 teachers, 1 assistant principal, and 1 district office administrator, representing a broad range of experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds within the community. The GAC is charged to work together as representatives of diverse constituencies and viewpoints to recommend what we collaboratively believe will best support the academic, social-emotional and post-secondary needs of all Gunn High School students.

Top priorities for the committee have been our agreement to “Keep Student Needs First” and our commitment to ensure the integrity, fairness and inclusivity of the process.